Pulp War II:
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E.T. & Non-Human

>> Pulp War IITM: Supernatural Creatures

The German Occult Research Institute (GORI) has recruited a number of Supernatural Creatures to aid Germany in her struggle against the allies. 

These Supernatural Creatures include, Vampires, Werewolves, Spirits, Demons and Zombies. 

The consequences of using these creatures as allies remains to be seen, but strange rumours have started circulating amongst soldiers on the frontline.

German Occult Reseach Institute (GORI) Occultists (12)

German Occult Research Institute (GORI) Psychics (12)


Carpathian Vampire Coven (12)

Nosferatu Vampire Coven (12)

Vampire Bat Swarm (1)


Werewolf Pack (12)

Spectral Host (1)

Zombie Horde (1)

Himalayan Monks (12)

The Allies have created Paranormal Warfare Departments (PAWD) to combat the German Occult Research Institute (GORI). The British PAWD has recruited a number of folklore academics, ceremonial magicians and practising pagans, whose affinity to the mythological entities of the British Isles gives them assistance from the Hordes of Avalon and the Celestial Host. 

British Occultists (12)

The US PAWD has recruited a number of Native American Shaman, whose affinity to nature gives them assistance from the mythological entities of the North America. In addition PAWD has recruited voodoo practicioners, who can call upon the Celestial Host, Spirits, Zombies and even the Lord of Death himself. 

US Voodoo Occultists (12)

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